Our Social Outreach

Ironically, most industries in India are currently struggling with scarcity of skilled labor. Although more than 40 million people are registered in employment exchanges, only 0.2 million get jobs, thereby leaving a huge number of young people as unemployed. The current education system does not focus on training young people in employable skills that can provide them with employment opportunities. Today, a large section of India’s labor force has outdated skills. With current and expected economic growth, this challenge is going to only increase further, since more than 75% of new job opportunities are expected to be “skill-based.” IMPL aims to promote and provide vocational training to school leavers, existing workers, ITI graduates etc. We endeavor to improve their employability by optimally utilizing the infrastructure available in Government, Private institutions and the Industry. It also builds capacity in the area of development of competency standards, course curricula, learning material and assessment standards in the country.
Our unique skill delivery process begins with the identification of jobs and ends with the placement of trained youth in various sectors. We aim to ensure that every youth leaves with a qualification that is recognized and is valued by the employers. Our training will ultimately provide them with the skills necessary to succeed at work from the day one.
Indianeers works through a unique model wherein we establish strategic partnerships with the various stakeholders from Industry, Training bodies, and Non-government Organizations, States and Central government and leverage our relationship to provide skill training and employability.