Skill Development

Youth at any place need special boost to build their future. In about seven years, the median individual in India will be 29 years, very likely a city-dweller, making it the youngest country in the world. India is set to experience a dynamic transformation as the population burden of the past turns into a demographic dividend, but the benefits will be tempered with social and spatial inequalities.

We aim to provide comprehensive capacity building opportunities to trainees with a focus on hands-on experience by working directly in the company and learning from experienced staff. As part of core technical development, trainees will be exposed to state-of-the-art technology, systems and latest exploration and production operations. To this end, they will be tried to be regularly rotated within the company’s various field locations.

We currently have 12 active skill centers in Madhya Pradesh and are extending our offerings rapidly in the states of Chattisgarh, Assam, Bihar, Manipur and other north eastern states. We have helped over 1200 students closer to their career goals through our skill offerings over the past year. We offer a wide array skill development cources in multiple sectors that include.

• Telecom
• Retail
• Automotive
• Beauty and Wellness
• Electronics
• Healthcare
• Capital Goods

On job learning and professional networking are integral to our skill programs.  Our resourceful team ensures that students regularly get to interact with industry experts as well as  recruiters to better understand the nuances and requirements of the job role.