Soft skills & Interview preparation

While we understand how important it is to gain relevant skills, we also understand that many skilled people face difficulties finding jobs as employers sometimes seek qualities beyond ability to perform at a job. Through our experienced team and the extensive industry connect, we at Indianeers understand the expectations of recruiters really well and help students deliver on these expectations through our “soft skills and interview preparation” course.

Our following soft skills modules have been designed by experienced recruiters and personality development coaches to bring out the best communication in our trainees.

Basic Spoken English and Logical Reasoning: This module enables students who have passed the 8th grade and above to converse in simple English, and acquire competent Logical Reasoning Skills.

Program in Interview Skills: ​This Program helps students to face interviews confidently thereby enhancing their chances of success. Students learn the best ways to answer questions, how to ready themselves for the interview and build a rapport with the interviewer. The program also includes rigorous mock interview sessions.

Program in Spoken English and Personality Development: This program helps trainees develop basic English workplace vocabulary, comprehend sentences spoken or written in English and enables them to converse confidently in English. This program is intended for candidates in college and for people seeking jobs that require advanced language proficiency.